be going to

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В английском языке существует несколько форм выражения будущего времени. Одной из них является “be going to”.

Be going to используется:

1)      Когда мы говорим о намерениях, планах на будущее

e.g. I’m going to buy a new car.

2)      Когда мы говорим о предсказаниях.

e.g. Look at the sky. It’s going to snow.




+Am/is/are + going to + V

e.g. I’m going to dance.      

       He’s going to read.      

       We are going to sleep.

Am not/ isn’t/aren’t + going to + V

e.g. I’m not going to dance.       

       He isn’t going to read.       

       We aren’t going to sleep.

?Am/Is/Are + S + going to + V

e.g. Am I going to dance?– Yes, I am/ No, I’m not.       

      Is he going to read? – Yes, he is./No, he isn’t.       

      Are we going to sleep? – Yes, we are./No, we aren’t.


  • В разговорной речи часто употребляется форма be + gonna + инфинитив без to.

e.g. I’m gonna win.

  • Если глагол tobeимеет форму was/were, то это означает, что речь идет о намерении, имевшем место в прошлом.

e.g. I was going to buy a car.


   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1)      What are you going to do/do you do after the film?

2)      It isn’t/aren’t going to rain tomorrow.

3)      Are they going to come/coming?

4)      Do you think it’s going to be/being cold tomorrow?

5)      They am/are going to buy a new car soon.

6)      He isn’t going/go to stay with us for a long time.

7)      I’m not going to visit/visiting John.





Answers: 1.are you going to do, 2.isn’t, 3.come, 4.going to be, 5.are, 6.going, 7.visit.




   Exercise 2.

Complete the sentences with be going to + verb.

1)      We…(see) our parents next week.

2)      She … (buy) some flowers for her grandma. It’s her birthday.

3)      I …. (do) that. Do it yourself if you want.

4)      Where ….you …(live) when you study at university?

5)      He…(invite) me to the cinema. I feel it.

6)      Look at that woman. I’m sure she … (have) a baby.

7)      Mark … (cook) dinner for his girlfriend. He is so romantic.





Answers: 1.are going to see, 2.going to buy, 3.am not going to do, 4.are….going to live, 5.is going to invite, 6.is going to have, 7.is going to cook.





   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Going                become                Sally               pop star               to            is             a

2)      Museums                Barcelona               are              visit             which              you            to            in                 going?

3)       And              married            in             Tom              July           going          get           Gina            are               to

4)      Not              this             to               evening            I’m           essay          going          write         an

5)      You              money                my              back                going               are            to           pay?

6)      To                aren’t                wine               tonight               we             drink              going

7)      Is                  his                  Taras                to              name                going             change



Answers:1. Sally is going to become a pop star. 2. Which museums are you going to visit in Barcelona? 3. Tom and Gina are going to get married in July. 4. I’m not going to write an essay this evening. 5. Are you going to pay my money back? 6. We aren’t going to drink wine tonight. 7. Taras is going to change his name.