IN, ON, AT – prepositions of place

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В английском языке существуют 3 основных предлога места: in, on, at.


С замкнутыми пространствами (комнаты, здания)

                                    e.g. in the kitchen

С городами

                                    e.g. in Moscow

Со странами, континентами

                                    e.g. inAsia

In the car



С поверхностями

                                    e.g. on the shelf, on the wall

С линиями 

                                    e.g. on the coast

C транспортом

                                    e.g. on a plane

С этажами

                                   e.g. on the first floor


 AT At school, at home, at work, at university
At the airport, at the bus station, at a bus stop
At a party
At a door


e.g. There’s nothing in the fridge.

        I’ve got lots of photos on the wall in my bedroom.

        Kate is waiting for you at the bus stop.

        She has a meeting in New York.


   Exercise 1.

Complete with in, on, at.

1)      …. the bathroom

2)      …. the party

3)      ….. the tenth floor

4)      ….. the shelf

5)      ….. a boat

6)      …… a door

7)      …… Madrid

8)      ……the airport

9)      ….. work

10)   …… a car




Answers: 1.in, 2.at, 3.on, 4.on, 5.on, 6.at, 7.in, 8.at, 9.at, 10.in.




   Exercise 2. 

Fill in the gaps with in, on, at

1)      His photo was ….. his badge.

2)      She’s sitting ….the chair next to the window.

3)      Can you see who is …. the door.

4)      They had to wait for over an hour …. the bus stop.

5)      I prefer to study …. my bedroom.

6)      I always have dinner …. home with my family.

7)      Chile is a country in …. South America.(in)

8)      When I was a child we lived …. the fifth floor.

9)      Gill and Robert met …. a party 3 years ago.

10)   I love travelling …. the train.




Answers: 1.on, 2.on, 3.at, 4.at, 5.in, 6.at, 7.in, 8.on, 9.at, 10.on.




   Exercise 3.  

Put words in the correct order.

1)      Listen   music   I             car          often    to           in           my

2)      Always                 the         center  in            the         shops    city         are         best

3)      Pick       will         stop       at            Jake       up          bus        you        the

4)      Posters                               in            walls      my         of           the         on          room     have      I              lots

5)      Lives     boss      but         England               now       in            her         is             Kiev       from      he

6)      No         cupboard            there’s                 in            the         salt

7)      Walk     after      she        park       concert                the         the         a             went     for          in

8)      High street         theatre                on          the         of           corner                  is             the

9)      Home   read      it             at            I’ll           tonight

10)   Bath      is             the         spider   there    a             in








Answers: 1. I often listen to music in my car.  2. The best shops are always in the city center. 3. Jake will pick you up at the bus stop. 4. In my room I have lots of posters on the walls.  5. Her boss is from England but now he lives in Kiev. 6. There’s no salt in the cupboard. 7. After the concert she went for a walk in the park. 8. The theatre is on the corner of High street. 9. I’ll read it tonight at home. 10. There is a spider in the bath.