Present Simple

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PresentSimpleэто одно из времен английского языка, которое используется, когда мы говорим о действиях, которые происходят регулярно или постоянно. Также мы используем PresentSimple, когда говорим о своих привычках или предпочтениях.

e.g. I brush my teeth twice a day.(регулярность)

       I love vegetables.(предпочтение)

       I live in the UK.(постоянность)

+I, you, we, they +V(глагол)He, she, it + V(s)

I drink coffee in the morning.

He drinks coffee in the morning.

I, you, we, they + don’t + VHe, she, it + doesn’t + V

I don’t drink coffee in the morning.

She doesn’tdrink coffee in the morning.

?Do + I, you, we, they + VDoes + he, she, it + V

Do you drink coffee in the morning?            Yes, I do./No, I don’t.

Does she drink coffee in the morning?         Yes, she does./No, she doesn’t.


  • После he, she, it – have-has, do-does, go-goes.


  • Мы часто используем Present Simple с наречиями частоты: always, usually, sometimes, often, hardly ever и т.д.

e.g. I always have a shower before I go to bed.

       She never goes to work by bus.


   Exercise 1 .

Choose the correct word.

1)      Jimmy and I (don’t/doesn’t) smoke.

2)      My mom (know/knows) me very well.

3)      Where (do/does) she live?

4)       He (gos/goes) out twice a week.

5)      I (like/likes) cooking.

6)      The party (finish/finishes) after midnight.

7)      Where (do/does) you usually have lunch?

8)      We (don’t/doesn’t) listen to music.




Answers: 1.don’t, 2.knows, 3.does, 4.goes, 5.like, 6.finishes, 7.do, 8.don’t




   Exercise 2.

Put the verb in the correct form.

1)      …. the shops …. on Sundays?(work)

2)      We …..(not talk)about fashion.

3)      My laptop is old but it …. (work) well.

4)      She …. (not usually celebrate) public holidays.

5)      John rarely …. (travel) abroad.

6)      They … (not agree) with me.

7)      David … (not know) how to mend the photocopier.

8)      ….. Kate ….. (live) with her boyfriend?






Answers: 1.do….work, 2.don’t talk, 3.works, 4.doesn’t usually celebrate, 5.travels, 6.don’t agree, 7.doesn’t know, 8.does…..live





   Exercise 3.

Match the sentence halves.

1)      Where does your brother work?                               A) Twice a year.

2)      Do you like English food?                                       B) Nothing much. Just relax.

3)      Children go to school from Monday to Friday.           C) He works at home.

4)      Emma and John speak French and Italian.               D) They don’t study at weekends.

5)       How often do you go on holiday?                             E) I can’t stand this color.

6)      I never wear green clothes.                                      F) No, I hate it.

7)      What do you usually do at the weekend?                  G) And they want to study German.







Answers: 1 – c, 2 – f, 3 – d, 4 – g, 5 – a, 6 – e, 7 — b