There is/are

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There is / There are – это оборот, который используется для описаний и переводится «есть, находится»

e.g. There is a book on the table.

       There are three chairs in the room.

There is используется с существительными в единственном числе, а также с неисчисляемыми существительными.

e.g. There is one apple in the bag.

        There is some sugar on the shelf.

There are используется с существительными во множественном числе.

e.g. There are two children in the park.


There is/There’s

                e.g. There is a glass in the cupboard.       

                       There’s a glass in the cupboard.

There are

                       e.g. There are two plates in the cupboard.

There isn’t

               e.g. There isn’t a sofa in the living room.

There aren’t

                       e.g. There aren’t any chairs in the living room.


Is there

               e.g. Is there an egg in the fridge?

Are there

                      e.g. Are there any eggs in the fridge?


  • Предложения с there is/there are обычно переводятся на русский язык с конца.

e.g. There are 20 people in the café. – В кафе 20 человек.

  • Для отрицаний используется также форма There is no/There are no

e.g.  There is no sugar in my coffee.

         There are no flowers in the vase.


   Exercise 1.

Complete with there is or there are.

1)      …… two pencils on the table.

2)      …… an umbrella on the shelf.

3)      …… one hippo in the zoo.

4)      …… lots of cats.

5)      …… some newspapers on the chair.

6)      …… one glass in the cupboard.

7)      …… some photos near my bed.





Answers: 1.there are, 2.there is, 3.there is, 4.there are, 5.there are, 6.there is, 7.there are.



   Exercise 2.

Choose the correct word.

1)      There is/are some oranges, but there isn’t/aren’t any apples.

2)      Is/Are there a pencil in your pencil case?

3)      There is/are four bedrooms upstairs.

4)      How many books is/are there in your bag?

5)      There is/are some coffee in the jar but not much.

6)      There is/are thousands of people in the stadium.

7)      There is/are 100 people in this organization





Answers: 1.are, aren’t, 2.is, 3.are, 4.are, 5.is, 6.are, 7.are





   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Floor           is            big                carpet               there               grey           a             on          my

2)      Many           in                    students                     how                      are                 classroom             there                the?

3)      Smoke              there’s               fire                 no             without

4)      There              dog              the              is               a              house         in?

5)      My            supermarket              there               school                 is            a              near

6)      Two             are               here              shops                there              near

7)      Isn’t                bed                   cat                   there              a                 under            the







Answers: 1. There is a big grey carpet on my floor.  2. How many students are there in the classroom? 3. There’s no smoke without fire. 4. Is there a dog in the house? 5. There is a supermarket near my school. 6. There are two shops near here. 7. There isn’t a cat under the bed.