Be used to/get used to

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Be used to используется, когда мы говорим о своих привычках и переводится “привык”.

Get used to используется, когда мы говорим о процессе привыкания к чему-либо и переводится “привыкаю”.

  Be used to Get used to
+ I’m used to driving in big cities.  I’m getting used to my new lifestyle.
I’m not used to waking up at 6 a.m.  I can’t get used to this noise.
? Are you used to living without hot water?  How did you get used to living abroad?


  • После be used to и get used to необходимо использовать существительное или герундий.

e.g. I’m used to drinking tea without sugar.

       I’m getting used to my new job.


   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct variant.


1)      When she started working here she needed lots of help, but now she (is used to/got used to) doing all her work on her own.

2)      It’s a very simple program. You (are used to/will get used to) it really fast.

3)      He’ll never (get used to working/get used to work) here. He’s just not clever enough.

4)      When she went on a bike ride with our friends for the first time she was really tired because she (wasn’t used to/didn’t use to) cycling so much.

5)      For Europeans it’s hard to (be used to/get used to) driving on the left when they visit Britain.

6)      I (am used to/get used to) working late. I did it in my last job.

7)      When Jane went to live in China, she (was used to/got used to) living there very quickly.




Answers: 1.is used to, 2.will get used to, 3.get used to working, 4.wasn’t used to, 5.get used to, 6.am used to, 7.got used to.



   Exercise 2.

Complete with the correct form of the verb.

1)      Our new house is very near the airport. I’ll never … this noise.

2)      I’m a shop assistant and I….(stand) all day long.

3)      I come from Moscow and I’ll never … (live) in a village.

4)      In my childhood we … (tell) bedtime stories.

5)      We live near the sea so we … (go) to the beach every weekend.

6)      He …. to London subway so he doesn’t get lost there.

7)      When I started working, I had to … (get up) early.




Answers: 1.get used to, 2.am used to standing, 3.get used to living, 4.were used to telling, 5.are used to going, 6.is used to, 7.get used to get up.




   Exercise 3.

Put words in the correct order.


1)      Used            living     London                he          in            is             to

2)      Bus                               used      it             work     to           hard      I              got         taking   a             was        but       to

3)      Not                               I’m         French                 used      unfortunately   to           speaking

4)      Me                time      get         job         a             took      long       new       used      it             to           to           a

5)      Him               first        Martin                  I’m         was        at            annoying             used      but         to           now

6)      Sharing        Mark     isn’t       toys       is             to           his          child      an           and        only       he          used.






Answers: 1. He is used to living in London. 2. It was hard but I got used to taking a bus to work. 3. Unfortunately I’m not used to speaking French. 4. It took me a long time to get used to a new job. 5. Martin was annoying at first but I’m used to him now. 6. Mark is an only child and he isn’t used to sharing his toys.