Used to

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Used to– это оборот, который используется для описаний действий в прошлом, которые совершались регулярно или на протяжении какого-то промежутка времени и которые не происходят в настоящем.

Used to + infinitive 


When I was at school I used to wear glasses.

Didn’t use to + infinitive 


When I was at School I didn’t use to wear glasses.

Did + you + use to + infinitive 


Did you use to wear glasses when you were at school?
  • Used to не меняется по лицам и по числам и не имеет сокращений.
e.g. She used to smoke a lot.       
           They didn’t use to be so rich.
  • Used to не используется, чтобы сказать Как долго и Как часто совершалось действие.

e.g. She used to be a nurse for three years.

  • В отрицательной форме часто используется never used to 

.e.g. Meg never used to do sport.               



   Exercise 1.

Complete the sentences with affirmative, negative or interrogative form of used to + verb.

1)      We …… a computer, but we do now.(have)

2)      Daniel …. for Manchester United(play)

3)      …. you .… slim when you were at University?(be)

4)      At school we …. a uniform. It was black and grey.(wear)

5)      I ….vegetables when I was a child, but now I love them a lot.(like)

6)      …your brother….here?(work)

7)      They….near here. They lived in the city centre.(live)

8)      What ….you….in the winter?(do)

9)      When I was a teenager I ….longer hair.(have)

10)   They ….friends but they are now.(be)     




Answers: 1.didn’t use to have, 2.used to play, 3.did….use to be, 4.used to wear, 5.didn’t use to like, 6.did…use to work, 7.didn’t use to live, 8.did…use to do, 9.used to have, 10.didn’t use to be.   



   Exercise 2.

Match the sentence halves.


1.       They used to go to school                                          a) but now I’m a vegetarian.                    

2.       When she lived in the country                                     b) but now he plays the guitar.

3.       I used to eat a lot of junk food                                    c) where they had to wear a uniform.

4.       Jane used to work in the US                                      d) but now we prefer the beach.

5.       We used to go skiing on holiday                                 e) I used to hate school.

6.       He used to play the drums                                          f) but now she works in Paris.

7.       When I was a child                                                    g) she used to grow vegetables in her garden.





Answers: 1-с, 2-g, 3 – a, 4 – f, 5 – d, 6 – b, 7 – e.





Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Used            be          theatre                there    a             to.

2)      Spanish       use        we         teacher                               our         to           didn’t    understand.

3)      Be  I              shy         used      quite     to.(I used to be quite shy)

4)      Much           they      work     didn’t    do          to           use

5)      Have             goldfish                               to           Meg      pet         a             used      as           a

6)      Smoke         day        20           used      he          cigarettes           to           a

7)      Very             be          used      did         expensive          it             to







Answers: 1. There used to be a theatre. 2. We didn’t use to understand our Spanish teacher. 3. I used to be quite shy. 4. They didn’t use to do much work. 5. Meg used to have a goldfish as a pet. 6. He used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day. 7. Did it use to be very expensive?