Whatever, whenever, etc.

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Если мы добавляем – ever к словам how, what, which, when, where и who, то мы меняем их значение.  Все полученные слова whoever, whatever, whenever, whichever, wherever и however имеют похожее значение – не важно кто, где, когда и т.д.

Данные слова могут выступать в роли подлежащего или дополнения.

e.g. However they try to understand me, they still make lots of mistakes.

        Whoever you are, I don’t want to see you in my house.

        Whatever I did, she didn’t want to talk to me.

        Choose whichever car you like.

        I’ll find you wherever you go.

         Whenever I meet him, I’ll recognize him immediately.

Все эти слова имеют конструкции-синонимы:

Whoever – no matter who/it doesn’t matter who.

However – no matter how/it doesn’t matter how. 

Whatever – no matter what/it doesn’t matter what.

Whenever – no matter when/it doesn’t matter when.

Whichever – no matter which/it doesn’t matter which.

Wherever – no matter where/it doesn’t matter where.         


        Можно использовать whoever, whatever, whenever, whichever, wherever и however и самостоятельно.

e.g. What time should I came? – Whenever, really.

        What will you drink? – Whatever. You choose.



   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1)      She can do however/whatever she wants.

2)      Whenever/whichever you come, I’ll be very glad to see you.

3)      They can take whoever/whatever they want from the box.

4)      However/Whoever I tried, my parrot couldn’t say a word.

5)      Whoever/whatever my husband cooks, everything is delicious.

6)      I’ll never forget you wherever/whichever I live.

7)      Go away whenever/whoever you are!



Answers: 1.whatever, 2. whenever, 3.whatever, 4.however, 5.whatever, 6.wherever, 7.whoever.



   Exercise 2.

Complete with the correct word.

1)      You can take …. of them you want.

2)      I feel sick ….. I eat cauliflower.

3)      Do …. you want, just don’t touch me.

4)      ….. I explained, they couldn’t understand me.

5)      Sit down …. you want.

6)      Choose …. you like to perform in your play.

7)      ….. happens, I will be ready.



Answers: 1.whichever, 2.whenever, 3.whatever, 4. however, 5.wherever, 6.whoever, 7.whatever.



   Exercise 3.

Match the sentence halves.

1)      Whatever you do,                                                           a) he always orders pasta.

2)      Come to visit me                                                            b) I’ll pay for everything

3)      Where would you like to go?                                            C)  I’ll always love you.

4)      He never puts on weight                                                  d) whenever you can.

5)      It’s my life and I’ll marry                                                  e) We can go wherever you want.

6)      You can buy whatever you want.                                     F) whoever I want.

7)      Whenever we eat out                                                      g) however much he eats.

Answers: 1 – c, 2 – d, 3 – e, 4 – g, 5 – f, b, 7 – a.