Would rather/prefer

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Would rather/would prefer используются, когда мы говорим о своих предпочтениях в конкретной ситуации.

Prefer используется, когда мы говорим о предпочтениях в целом.


Would rather + infinitive  


e.g. I would rather go to the exotic country.
Would prefer + to + infinitive 


e.g. I would prefer to go to the seaside.
Prefer + to + infinitive prefer + gerund e.g. I prefer to live in the city.     

  I prefer living in the city.


  • Would prefer = ‘d prefer

e.g. I’d prefer to have dinner in the Italian restaurant.

  • Would rather = ‘d rather

e.g. I’d rather drink some coffee.


  • Когда мы хотим, чтобы кто-то сделал что-то, то мы используем конструкцию would rather somebody did something.

e.g. I’d rather you washed the dishes.


   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1)      I’d rather travel/to travel by car than by plane.

2)      I’d rather/I rather him cleaned everything.

3)      She prefers drinking/to drinking cold tea.

4)      What would you prefer do/to do when you retire?

5)      Jim would rather stay/to stay at home and watch TV.

6)      You know, I’d prefer not go/not to go/not going.

7)      I prefer not to watch/to not watch films like this.




Answers: 1.travel, 2.I’d rather, 3.drinking, 4.to do, 5.stay, 6.not to go, 7.not to watch




   Exercise 2.

Complete with the verb in the correct form.

1)      I’d rather you….(not listen) to that music. It’s awful.

2)      He wants to go to France whereas his wife would prefer….(go) to Bali.

3)      I prefer …. (clean) the house to …..

4)      Adam would prefer …. (spend) more time with Jessica.

5)      I would rather ….(stay) at home and sleep some more.

6)      She would prefer ….(eat) Japanese food.

7)      We would rather you …(sing) a song for us.




Answers:1.didn’t listen, 2.to go, 3.cleaning, cooking, 4.to spend, 5.stay, 6.to eat, 7.sang



   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Make                  the                 I’d                 decorations            rather

2)      You                    it                    I’d                     forgot                  rather              about

3)      Giving                  to                   she                  presents              friends              her            prefers

4)      Rather                  out                 evening                  not                I’d              go              this

5)      Prefer                  an                  Liz                     become                   would                to           engineer

6)      Do                  what                  you                 to                   tonight                 would                 prefer

7)      Gym                      rather                   go                 the                   tomorrow               I’d             to




Answers: 1. I’d rather make the decorations. 2. I’d rather you forgot about it. 3. She prefers giving presents to her friends. 4. I’d rather not go out this evening. 5. Liz would prefer to become an engineer. 6. What would you prefer to do tonight? 7. I’d rather go to the gym tomorrow.