To be swamped

ср, 03/28/2018 - 16:51 Марина


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Hello-hello! Today I’m gonna tell you about the idiom which will help you to say that you are busy. So if you have a lot of stuff to do, if you have too many projects or if you need to do your housework, homework – anything, you say: ‘I AM SWAMPED’.

‘To be swamped’ – to have a lot of work to do

For example, your friend invites you for a drink or to go out or somewhere, you want to go, but you can’t because you’re too busy. And you say: ‘I would like to go with you, but I’m so swamped today.

Or your boss has already given you many-many-many different projects or tasks and he wants to give you another one, but you say: ‘Come on! I am so swamped already! Don’t give me another task!’

Actually, that’s all! I hope you’re going to use it! Bye-bye)


Complete the gaps with the correct form of ‘to be swamped’


  1. – Why didn’t you call me back yesterday? I’m sorry, I _________________.
  2.  I have two tickets for Katy Perry’s concert next Friday! Would you like to join me? — I’d love to, but I think _________________
  3. (Phone call) – Honey, It’s me! Let’s go have lunch together!  Oh, baby, I can’t. I _________________ with work right now.
  4.  What do you like to do in your spare time?  — LOL! I never have free time. I’ve got a feeling, that I  _________________ since I started working for this company!
  5.  You’re a housewife! Don’t tell me you don’t have a minute to talk to me! – Oh, really? I have to pick up the kids in 15 minutes, then I have to pay the bills, after that I’m cooking dinner for 6 people… I _________________ during all day.




  1. Why do you think some people are always swamped?
  2. Do you have problems with time management?