To blow things out of proportion

ср, 03/28/2018 - 13:58 Марина


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Hello-hello) Today I’m gonna tell you about a very funny idiom ‘TO BLOW THINGS OUT OF PROPORTION’. So usually it means that we make some things really bigger than they really are. It’s people who always scream ‘Aaa! We all are gonna die!’ So they usually blow things out of proportion.

For example, a young lady was dumped by her boyfriend. And she is sitting very sad and drinking a cocktail and she says ‘That’s all…I’m gonna die alone…Nobody will ever love me’. And her kind friend says ‘Come on. Don’t blow things out of proportion! You will be fine, you will be happy!’

So when we think of some situation really bigger than it is, it means that we blow things out of proportion. That’s all. I hope that was interesting for you. Bye-bye!


Complete the gaps using the correct form of ‘Blow things out of proportion’


  1. – He hasn’t called me since Monday! He definitely is going to break up with me! – Oh darling! Please _________________. I’m sure he’s just busy.
  2. Oh God! I’ve forgotten to buy a present for my sister’s birthday! I hope she _________________.
  3. Last night I had a huge fight with my daughter. I didn’t let her go out with her friends and she _________________ and told me I was the worst mother ever.
  4. Please don’t tell my wife that I had a dinner with a colleague. She always _________________.
  5. Jennie is always so emotional. She _________________ about each situation since I’ve known her.


Name several situations when people often blow things out of proportion.