Doesn’t hold water

ср, 03/28/2018 - 16:56 Марина


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Hello-hello! I’m gonna tell you about another new idiom today! When something ‘DOESN’T HOLD WATER’.

When something doesn’t hold water, that means that we can’t prove some fact, that it isn’t strong enough or it isn’t serious enough and we can’t consider it serious or a fact.

For example ‘The theory that aliens exist doesn’t hold water’. Nobody can prove that they exist.

Or at the police station. So there’s a criminal and there’s a police detective. So police detective says ‘Your alibi doesn’t hold water! Nobody can prove it. Nobody saw you that day. Nobody can prove that you were there. 

And the last one is ‘Your argument doesn’t hold water! You didn’t explain anything. You didn’t convince me, so I don’t believe you. It doesn’t hold water! 

That’s all! I hope it was interesting for you! Bye-bye!


Complete the sentences using the correct form of “doesn’t hold water”


– Oh Jim told us so many interesting things yesterday. I’m still so excited! – Come on! None of the stories he told ________________________.

– Look! This article says that this actor died because of a heart attack! – And you believe it? It ________________________.

– Do you think we can believe that documentary? It seems professional… — No, as for me it ________________________.

– I really thought that his explanation ________________________, but it turned out that ________________________.




  1. What percentage of information on the internet do you think is true?
  2. Do you think the theory that aliens exist holds water?