To drop the ball

ср, 03/28/2018 - 16:54 Марина


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Hello-hello! Today I’m gonna tell you about a very cool idiom ‘TO DROP THE BALL’. So when you say ‘I dropped the ball, it means that you made a mistake. That’s all – you made a mistake, you let somebody down.

For example, your friend asked you for help and you say ‘Yeah, of course I’m gonna help you!’. And then you completely forgot! So you feel very guilty and you say to your friend ‘I’m sorry, I dropped the ball. I will never do it again’.


 Joey, It’sAstel

 I was just gonna call you! That’s weird…

 It’s a little coincidental, but believable. Listen, I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t get you an audition for that TV movie

 Yeah, actually I am

 I guess I dropped the ball there


The same may happen to you at work and, for example, you were supposed to do something very important – some very important presentation. But instead you decided to go for a drink with your friend. And next day your boss says ‘ You know, you really dropped the ball here. You let me down, you didn’t prepare the presentation, so you’re fired. 

I hope that was useful for you and I hope that you will never drop the ball! Bye-bye!


Paraphrase the sentences using the correct form of ‘to drop the ball’


  1. This presentation is huge responsibility! I hope I won’t fail. 
  2. She promised to help me with the report. I really trusted her, but she let me down. And in the end it was my fault. 
  3. – I’m so sorry, Mr. Johnes! It will never happen again! – Jenny! You always promise and you always fail! How can I trust you?
  4. – Where were you yesterday? You promised to pick me up from school! – Oh my god! I totally forgot about it! I’m so sorry for my mistake!
  5. With the new boss you don’t have a right to make mistakes. One failure – and he fires you!




  1. Why do you think some people never drop the ball and some people always drop the ball?
  2. Do you think it’s possible to trust a person who has already let you down once?