I’m dying to do and I’m dying for something

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Hello-hello! My name is Nadia and today we continue speaking about the idioms! I’m going to explain you how to use the idiom ‘I’m dying to or I’m dying for’

‘Oh just ask me out, cause I’m just dying for a chai tea latte’

This idiom means that you want something very-very-very much!

For example, if you want to use it with a noun,  you say ‘I’m dying for something’. And if you want to use it with a verb, you say ‘I’m dying to do something’

For example, ‘I’m so thirsty, I’m dying for a glass of water’

                         ‘I’m so sleepy, I’m dying for a cup of coffee’

                         Or ‘I’m so bored at home, I’m dying for some party’   

                          ‘This kitten’s got your tongue tied in knots, I see

                         Spit it out cause I’m dying for company’

And now some examples with verbs: For example..

the same example 

‘I’m so bored at home, I’m dying to have some fun!’ or

‘I’m dying  to eat something, I’m so hungry’

‘I’m so thirsty, I’m dying to drink something’

‘Standing on the edge

Battle in my head

I’m dying to know

I’m dying to know

 If I take this leap

To fail or succeed

I’m dying to know

I’m dying to know


So remember – ‘I’m dying for and I’m dying to’. I’s a very popular idiom, so I hope it will be helpful for you and you’re gonna use it in your English speech’ Bye-bye!


Complete the sentences with the correct form of ‘I’m dying for/to’


  1. Last year my sister started dating a great guy! I ____________________ meet him, but she wanted to wait until their relationship got serious. So I only met him a week ago.
  2. Oh, why did I have to break my leg now? I ____________________ to take part in this concert!
  3. You can’t imagine how thirsty I am right now. I ____________________ a sip of water.
  4. You know, when I gave up smoking 6 months ago, I also ____________________ a cigarette. But after one week I stopped thinking about it. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine very soon.
  5.  I’m on a strict diet. I ____________________ eat something sweet for two months now! — But you have to be strong if you want to look fabulous at you wedding)




  1. What do you usually do when you’re dying to go to a party but you have to study/work?
  2. How would you act if you were dying to buy gorgeous dress/suit/shoes/cosmetics, but you didn’t have enough money for it?