Last straw

ср, 03/28/2018 - 13:54 Марина
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Hello-hello! Nice to see you again! Today I’m gonna tell you about a very popular and cool idiom ‘This is the last straw’.

For those of you who don’t know – this is the straw. You all use it when you’re drinking a cocktail of juice in a bar.

So when some situation happens to you all the time and you are patient for a very long time. You are being patient and you are trying not to lose your temper. And you do it do it do it, but then when it happens to you one time and you just can’t handle it anymore you say ‘THIS IS THE LAST STRAW’.

For example, your boss. He’s very bad-tempered and he says some bad things about you all the time and you are being very patient, but when he calls you ‘a fool’ in front of all of your colleagues you say ‘That’s it! This was the last straw! Good bye! I’m leaving.’

Or the same happens in families all the time with a wife and a husband. When she says something to him all the time and he’s never listening and he never fixes any situation. And for example, she cleans dirty socks after him, she takes away his empty bottles of beer, but when she sees him flirting with another woman she says ‘That’s it. This was the last straw. I’m leaving you. Good bye!’

I hope that it was useful for you, and from now on you’re gonna understand it. Bye-bye!


Paraphrase the sentences using ‘The last straw’


  1. Yesterday my husband told me I was fat. I couldn’t handle such attitude anymore, so I left him.
  2. My best friend has been acting strange recently. I was patient. But yesterday she started flirting with my husband, and I decided I couldn’t accept such behavior anymore.
  3. My daughter has been rude and aggressive with me lately. I understood that she was a teenager so I stayed calm about it. But when she came home drunk I realized that I couldn’t put up with it any longer, so I punished her.


How do you react when you ask people not to do something, but they keep doing that?