That makes two of us

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Hello-hello! You know I’m Nadia and I continue speaking with you about idioms. So today we speak about a very popular idiom ‘ That makes two of us’.

It’s very easy in some way. For example, if somebody says ‘Mm ..I like Brad Pitt!’ And you want to say ‘Me too’ or ‘So do I’. But if you want to say it in an original way you also can say ‘That makes two of us!’. It means ‘I agree with you, I have the same opinion about this point like you do’

‘(About Justin Bieber) – Now the last time he was on he and I got to a conversation. He said something then I said something, he said something and I said something, and I made him cry. – Well, then that makes two of us’

For example, I hate Keanu Reeves! And you say ‘That makes two of us! I also hate him or I hate him too!’

 I have a confession. I didn’t wanna go out with you tonight. – That makes two of us. – But I’m really glad that I did! – That makes two of us!’

Or you can use it in any tense. Grammatically it’s always the same. That makes two of us. But also if two people are speaking. For example, one person says ‘ Oh, you know, I love Brad Pitt’. The second person also says ‘ I love him too’ , and you come over to them and you say ‘That makes three of us! Because at this moment three people have the same opinion about this point.

So actually you can do it, you can just count numbers ‘ That makes four of us, that makes fifteen of us, if you want to count all those people.

So I hope that was useful for you and from now on you’re going to understand it. Bye-bye!

‘Well that makes two of us

you’re not the only one

Like you I’ve had enough

The end has now begun

I guess I’m just as tired of you

As you say you are of me

And that makes two of us 

We both want to be free’


Rewrite the sentences using the correct form of ‘That makes two of us’


1. – Oh, I can’t imagine one more day working as hard as we did today!

 – Believe me! Neither do I! But it’s not like we have a choice, right?

2. – My boyfriend invited me for a trip to Europe. He really wants to go and so do I! But can we afford that?

3.  I’m a big fan of Katy Perry and so is my sister. – And me too! Can you imagine? Wanna go to her concert? And invite your sister of course)




  1. How do you usually react when your friends don’t like the things that you adore?
  2. What do you think is the most polite way to say that you don’t like your friend’s boyfriend/husband/partner?