Nothing to write home about

ср, 03/28/2018 - 13:56 Марина


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Hello-hello! Today I’m gonna tell you how to describe the situation when something was boring, nothing special, absolutely ordinary. You use the expression ‘NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT’. 

It’s very logical when you say ‘Ah…nothing to write home about’, it means that your life is boring or that there’s nothing special in your life.

So for example, you watched some movie and you didn’t like it at all, because it was something…you know…you didn’t even understand it. So somebody asks you ‘So how was the film?’ And you say ‘NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT. It was not interesting, it was even boring’. 

And for example, you went to some very fancy party. And after that party your friends ask you ‘Oh, so how was that fancy party?’ And you say ‘ You know…actually nothing fancy, nothing interesting, absolutely nothing out of ordinary. It was NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT’.

I hope you understand it. I hope you’re gonna use it. Bye-bye!


A bit of practice


Paraphrase the sentences below using ‘NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT’

1. – Have you finished your book yet? How was it? – Oh, you know…It was so boring! I was incredibly disappointed. 

2. – How was your trip? Did you see many interesting places? – The trip was absolutely ordinary, nothing special.

3. – You’d been waiting for Rihanna’s concert for so long! Did you enjoy it? – No, I didn’t! I regret going there.

4. – Jenny’d been so happy about going on vacation to Thailand, but she came back disappointed. She said it was boring. 

5. – Were you impressed by that professor’s speech? – No. It was usual, nothing out of ordinary. 

Make your example using ‘NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT’