Once in a blue moon

ср, 03/28/2018 - 13:55 Марина
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Hello-hello! Today I’m gonna tell you about a very interesting idiom ‘ONCE IN A BLUE MOON’. How often can you see the blue moon in the sky? Never! Or vary-very rarely. I think once in a lifetime. So when you say ‘ONCE IN A BLUE MOON’, it means something happens very rarely, something happens very-very seldom, once in a very long period of time.

For example, there is a conversation between two friends and one lady asks another one ‘How often does your husband throw away the trash? – Once in a blue moon. He almost never does it. This is so sad.’

Or ‘How often does your boss praise you? How often does your boss say good things about you? – Oh, you know… Our boss is very arrogant. He says something good about another person once in a blue moon’ – means very-very rarely.

I hope you’re gonna use it! Bye-bye!

A bit of practice

Paraphrase the sentences using ‘Once in a blue moon’

  1. – Does your husband often give you flowers? – No! It happens once a year.

  2. We go on vacation so rarely! I want to do it more often!

  3. Today is the day when I don’t need to do anything. It happens once or twice a year so I’m going to spend it in my bed in front of TV.

  4. – Your boyfriend works so late! Does he ever come home before 10 p.m.? – Almost never.

  5. – Earlier you hardly ever were late for classes. But now it happens almost every day! What’s up with you?


Make your own examples with ‘ONCE IN A BLUE MOON’