Out of the blue

ср, 03/28/2018 - 16:57 Марина


[video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG_lGi4JTqY&list=PLSphAJ6RVs8Eda0ZcS0naVCcfqw1mlHAF width:854 height:510 align:center]


Hello-hello! I’m gonna tell you about a very interesting idiom ‘OUT OF THE BLUE’. It’s the synonym of suddenly or unexpectedly or when something happened without warning and when you didn’t expect that.

For example: ‘I worked very hard and I gave all my energy to my job. And then out of the blue my boss fired me! And I need to look for another job now.’

The next example is ‘They were together for 5 years and they were going to get married and then out of the blue they broke up! Why??? Nobody knows’

‘Girls! If you wanna surprise your man..like sneak up on him and give him a smooch (kiss) out of the blue, there’s a good way to do it and there’s a wrong way to do it. So I’ll show you how to do it so that he likes it and gets just a little bit excited’

And the next one is – ‘We were chatting nicely on the internet and then out of the blue he called me stupid! Why??? 

That’s all for today. Watch the video and enjoy! 


‘Now I know what I know

It won’t have to be so heavy

Break the surface, take the wheel

No, no, no, no nothing left for me to breathe

No, no, out of the blue you came to me

No, no, no, no, I can’t believe she’ll come to me’


Change the sentences using ‘OUT OF THE BLUE’

  1. Nobody thought he would ever marry someone, but one year ago all of a sudden he found the lady of his dreams and now they’re the happiest couple on Earth!
  2. That car accident happened absolutely unexpectedly. The road was straight and it wasn’t raining or snowing. Everybody’s shocked. 
  3. She didn’t know what specialty to choose. All her life she couldn’t make a decision. But then all of a sudden she made a choice to try marketing. 




  1. How do you normally react when something happens out of the blue?
  2. What is your attitude to people who do things out of the blue? Do you think it’s good or bad?