Sleep on it

ср, 03/28/2018 - 16:55 Марина


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Hello-hello! Today I’m gonna explain you a very easy idiom ‘Sleep on it!’

That means that if you can’t make a decision right now in the evening, for example, you just say ‘Mm..I will sleep on it and I will decide tomorrow’

Or when you’re not sure about something and you ask for advice, and somebody says ‘You know…you better sleep on it. You will decide tomorrow’

Let’s see some examples

‘Will I do this to myself again?

 Will I do this to myself again? 

Sleep on it, I should just sleep on it

Sleep on it…

So I slept and I slept and I slept

With you’ 


And the last one ‘ I can’t decide which car to choose. This Ferrari is gorgeous, and this simple Mercedes is also gorgeous. So which should I choose? –Sleep on it. You’ll decide tomorrow!’

That’s all! Bye-bye! 


Complete the gaps using the correct form of ‘Sleep on it’


  1. – How did you decide which car to choose? – First I couldn’t. But then I just ______________________ and the decision came to me itself!
  2. – Oh, my life is so hard. These two guys like me! How do I choose? Oh, you should ______________________. You don’t have to decide right now!
  3. – So I have two job offers. Which one to choose? Oh, I’m so tired. I ______________________. I’ll decide later.
  4.  How do you usually make an important choice? – I think. Then I just ______________________. And then I decide. My advice – never make impulsive decisions!
  5. First I didn’t know if I wanted to marry him, so I decided not to hurry ______________________. And later I realized that he was my soulmate.




  1. What in your opinion is the best way to make an important choice or decision?
  2. What would you advise your best friend if he/she didn’t know which business offer to accept?