At stake

ср, 03/28/2018 - 13:59 Марина


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Hello-hello! Today I’m gonna tell you about a very useful idiom when something is AT STAKE.

It may be your family, it may be your job, it may be your life and even reputation. You can say ‘My reputation is at stake’. It means ‘I am risking my reputation’. My reputation is at stake, it’s at risk. When you say ‘My family is at stake’ it means that you are risking your family right now. 

For example you can say ‘My promotion is at stake’. It means that at this moment at work you really have a big chance to get a promotion, but you have to prepare some very-very good presentation. So your future promotion depends on this project, on this presentation. And if you prepare it well, it means you will get this promotion. So your promotion is ‘AT STAKE’.

When you are very respected, when everybody respects you, when you have very good reputation, somebody offers to do something, but you are not sure because your reputation may be damaged. And you say ‘You know, my reputation is at stake. I think I won’t do that. I think I don’t want to risk my reputation.

In all action movies you can hear the phrase ‘My life is at stake’ or ‘Your life is at stake’. So it means somebody is risking their life. I hope that was useful for you and from now on you’re gonna use it. Bye-bye))


Paraphrase the sentences using ‘At stake’. Leave your answers in comments below


  1. – Why are you so nervous? – Don’t you understand? It’s not only this job! I’m risking my reputation!
  2. – Did you have a fight with your husband again? – Oh, I’m afraid this time it’s not only a fight; I think my family is at risk.
  3. – You really should stop smoking. You’re risking your health!
  4. – If he doesn’t stop using drugs, his life will be in danger.
  5. – You’d better finish this report on time. Otherwise you may lose your job in this company!




  1. How do people tend to behave when their life’s at stake?
  2. Would you agree to work overtime during a month if your job were at stake?