To take a rain check

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Hello-hello! Today we continue speaking about idioms. I’m glad to be here and explain you a new idiom ‘To take a rain check’.

You use this idiom when you want to postpone some arrangement or meeting. For example, somebody offers you: ‘Let’s go out’, but you are busy – you have some situation at home or at work and you’re saying: ‘You know…I have to take a rain check, because at this moment I’m not able to go out. I can’t leave home or I can’t leave work or my boss gave too much stuff to do, so I have to take a rain check’

‘You did a really nice job in there, Agnes’

‘You can tell me what a good job I did over dinner. I picked out (chose)  a restaurant for you to take me to…inexpensive one’

‘Care to join us, Meg?’

‘Ah..I’ll take a rain check, thanks’

Mostly in speaking language now people say just like ‘Rain check?’

So for example ‘Would you like to go out tonight?’ You’re saying like ‘Yes, but you know I can’t…rain check?’ That’s all. That means like you want to do it, but later.

‘You can say it now’

‘Oh..I don’t really feel like saying it. Let me take a rain check on that’


And that’s all, or also you can say in a polite way ‘Can I take a rain check?’ Like ‘Let’s do it, but for example, next week, because right at this moment I can’t. That’s all. So please remember ‘I have to take a rain check’ and use it! Bye-bye. 

Song ‘ When love invites me, I’ll take a rain check. I won’t let my heart inside me, I’ll take a rain check’


Complete the gaps with the correct form of ‘To take a rain check’


  1. – Why are you at home so early? I thought you were going to meet with Joe. – I felt so tired, so I _________________. I’ll see him next week.
  2.  Hi Kate! Would you like to go to the movies tonight? – Oh, I’d love to, but I have to stay at work late. _________________?
  3. – Hi Jake! I’m so sorry, but my baby-sitter caught a cold. So I have to………………………………
  4. – Allie hi) Will I see you today? – Oh Mark! I’m so sorry! _________________? How many times _________________ this week? Four? Five? I guess I know what it means. Good bye.




  1. How would you react if your friend took a rain check on your night out because of his/her new boyfriend/girlfriend?
  2. Do you think it is polite to take a rain check more than once?