To think outside the box

ср, 03/28/2018 - 17:04 Марина


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Hello-hello! Glad to see you again! And today I’m going to tell you about a very-very popular idiom ‘To think outside the box’. There is the box. Usually you are inside this box, but today you’re thinking outside this box. The box – left here and you’re thinking originally, you are very creative in your thoughts.

Usually we use this idiom in business, but not necessarily. For example during the meeting a boss is not satisfied and he says: ‘People! You need to start thinking outside the box! These ideas are old! Come on! Start your brain, think of something new! You have to think outside the box if you wanna stay in the market! 

Or for example, another situation – when a person has come up with some very cool idea and his co-worker asks him: ‘So how did you come up with this idea? And he says: ‘Hm, nothing special. I was just thinking outside the box. I was just trying to be original, that’s all’

‘If you really want to know how ready you are to think outside the box, the next time you go to a restaurant, ask the waiter to bring you what he or she likes on the menu’

I hope that was useful! Bye-bye


Complete the gaps with the correct form of ‘To think outside the box’


  1. I was fired yesterday. My boss said, I never ___________________.
  2. I envy my partner. She’s so good at ___________________. And I’m so narrow-minded. 
  3. He didn’t have any other choice but ___________________. Otherwise he would have been arrested.
  4. – Your ideas are always the same! You’re fired! – Mr. Smith, I’m begging you! Give me another chance. I promise I ___________________ next time.
  5. My boyfriend gave me such a lousy present for my Birthday! I wish he ___________________.




  1. Do you think nowadays many people think outside the box?
  2. In your opinion how necessary is it to be able to think outside the box? Feel free to have a discussion!