To bail

ср, 03/28/2018 - 18:10 Марина


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  1. Complete the sentences with words bail, bail out in correct form.
    1. We agreed on meeting yesterday to talk about upcoming holiday but Kate … as usual. She didn’t even call or text.
    2. We were going camping but the last minute 2 people … on us without any reason.
    3. My colleague … me … when I came to work late.
    4. Please, try not to … on her this time, she can really use some support.
    5. I need $100. Can you … me …?
  2. Answer the questions.
    1. Can we call the person who bailed / bailed on you reliable? Have you ever had an experience when somebody bailed on you? What happened?
    2. Do you consider yourself a person who can bail out or more likely to bail on somebody? Give some examples of the situations which happened.