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1. Choose the synonym to the word “flaky”

  • Someone who is suspicious
  • Someone who likes flaky food
  • Someone who doesn’t keep their promises

2. In which situations can we say that the friend of yours is flaky?

  • You agreed to meet with a friend of yours but then your plans changed. You called your friend and explained the situation. She seemed to be upset with you.
  • Your friend promised to come and help you with a very difficult project you got at school. 1 hour before the meeting he called you and said he can’t come because of some family circumstances. So you put off your meeting for the weekend. When weekend came your friend didn’t show up.
  • When you tried to ask your friend to accompany you to the new exhibition she said she was very busy and maybe you could do it together next time.

3. What excuses can a flaky person make? Brainstorm at least 5 possible excuses. Example.My car broke in the middle of the road.

4. Have you ever had a situation when somebody acted flaky? What was the situation? Describe it. How did you feel? Have you ever acted flaky? What was the reason? What was other people’s reaction?