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[video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq-VkMtPFWE&list=PLSphAJ6RVs8HjwbOV6jq6cYQsC9tiayAt width:854 height:510 align:center]


1. Complete the sentences with a correct slang word from the video. 

  1. My grandmother used to date a guy who was 10 years younger. She was a _________.
  2. George Clooney is a textbook example of a ___________.
  3. I know a man who is in his 40s and still not married. He just likes to date younger women. He is such a _____________.
  4. ABC News states that ________  women pursue relations with people more than eight years younger than they are,


2. Who are some famous examples of cougars and silver foxes of nowadays?