Loescher English Corner 1 – 2 Animals
This is the River Thames. A great place to bring your dog for some exercise. There are lots of parks in Britain where to take dogs. Cats are actually the number one pet followed by dogs, budgies and goldfish.

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Louise’s Daily Routines
– So, what time do you wake up? – I wake up at eight-thirty, usually.

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- Wow. Is that your family? - Yeah. It's big

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We’re going to show you how to make a typical Spanish breakfast. To make this wonderful Spanish experience you will need freshly squeezed orange juice and café con leche or half coffee and half warm milk.

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Holidays. Travel Plan Conversation
- I’m great, thank you. I’m actually going on a trip next month. - Oh, that’s great. Where are you travelling?

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Jobs. Train driver
Ian Wright is a school teacher. He teaches Science at a school in Sussex in the south of England. He teaches five days a week and he likes his job. But in his free time Ian has another job. He’s a train driver.

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My house
Oh great, another email from Anna in England. Let’s see, what does she say? Hi Maria

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N: This is Martine and Jamie. Martine really likes shopping. But Jamie doesn’t like shopping. Martine buys a jacket, a skirt and two pairs of jeans. Jamie buys a T-shirt.

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DM: I’m Donal MacIntyre. I’m about to follow water’s journey around the planet. This is Wild Weather. I’m going to start my journey with water in the wettest place in Western Europe: Bergen, city of rain on Norway’s western coast.

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Where are you from?
- Hi there. - Hi.

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