Oh great, another email from Anna in England. Let’s see, what does she say?
Hi Maria

Ian Wright is a school teacher. He teaches Science at a school in Sussex in the south of England. He teaches five days a week and he likes his job. But in his free time Ian has another job. He’s a train driver.

- I’m great, thank you. I’m actually going on a trip next month.
- Oh, that’s great. Where are you travelling?

We’re going to show you how to make a typical Spanish breakfast. To make this wonderful Spanish experience you will need freshly squeezed orange juice and café con leche or half coffee and half warm milk.

- Wow. Is that your family?
- Yeah. It's big

Whether it is during a sad movie you swore you would never tear up in, or a heart-wrenching break-up following your first love, crying may seem like a strange physical response to your emotional turmoil.

Death, large animals, broken internet-- these are all very scary to the average person. But could another one of our fears be silence?

- Our company has a new strategic initiative to increase market penetration, maximize brand loyalty, and enhance intangible assets. In pursuit of these objectives, we've started a new project -- for which we require 7 red lines.

VO: This is the big one! It's one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters in Europe. At 67 meters high it dominates Blackpool's skyline. And every year over 1 million people clamber aboard this monster to experience the ultimate thrill.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: The Original Self-Help Book, a la Shmoop. We all want to improve something about ourselves.


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