It is said that... He is thought to ...

Для передачи высказываний, суждений других людей о ком-либо или о чем-либо могут употребляться два типа конструкций с глаголом сказуемым в Пассивном залоге.  Эти формальные конструкции используются в основном в газетных статьях и телевизионных репортажах с глаголами know, tell, understand, report, expect, say, think. Благодаря данным конструкциям информация звучит более безлично.

Различают два типа таких конструкций:

   1. It + passive + that + clause(It is said that, it is believed that)
It is said that his attitude is completely wrong.
Говорят, что его отношение совершенно неверное.

   2. Subject + passive + to infinitive(she/that man/the article + is said to/is believed to)
His attitude is said to be completely wrong.
Говорят, что его отношение совершенно неверное.

Если речь идет об отношении к действию, совершившемуся ранее, употребляется конструкция to have + past participle.

   e.g. It is believed that the president arrived last week.

       The president is believed to have arrived last week. – Полагают, что президент приехал на прошлой неделе.



   Exercise 1.

Rewrite each sentence using it is said that/known that/believed that, etc

1)      Police say that a foreigner robbed the bank.

2)      People say the pickpockets are difficult to catch.

3)      The detective says that the shop owner knows who committed a crime.

4)      People know that drugs are very dangerous.

5)      People believe that his new book will be a bestseller.

6)       Neighbors say that he always came home with some girls.

7)      Police understand that the murderer will never confess.



Answers: 1. It is said that the foreigner robbed the bank. 2. It is said that pickpockets are difficult to catch. 3. It is said that the shop owner knows who committed a crime. 4. It is known that the drugs are very dangerous. 5. It is believed that his next book will be a bestseller. 6. It is said that he always came home with some girls. 7. It is understood that the murderer will never confess.




   Exercise 2.

Rewrite each sentence using is said to/is believed to/is known to, etc.

1)      People know that some books were damaged in the fire.

2)      People say that she will win the award this year.

3)      Police know that Karl stole the diamonds.

4)      People say that she is beautiful.

5)      They believe that Italian food is the best in the world.

6)      People say that Egypt is very hot country.

7)      People say she works a lot.




Answers: 1. Some books are known to have been damaged in the fire. 2. She is said to win the award this year.  3. Karl is known to have stolen the diamonds. 4. She is said to be beautiful. 5. Italian food is believed to be the best in the world. 6. Egypt is said to be a very hot country. 7. She is said to work a lot.




   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      To                in                they                     said                hospital                 are           be

2)      Win                  Olympic                  Mike                  is                    to               games              believed   the

3)      Known                   are               to                planes                environment                pollute

4)      Thought                    than                     live                 women                to                   are                longer        men

5)      Expected                      soon                     film                       is                    the                 finish            to

6)      Supposed                        happen                  to                  is                  something

7)      Study               she                  at                    thought                   is              to              University





Answers: 1. They are said to be in hospital. 2. Mike is believed to win the Olympic games. 3. Planes are known to pollute environment. 4. Women are thought to live longer than men 5. The film is expected to finish soon.  6. Something is supposed to happen. 7. She is thought to study at University.

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