Like vs as

ср, 03/28/2018 - 23:36 Марина

Мы обычно используем like и as для сравнений. 

  Like As

Структура предложения






            e.g.  Maria swims like a fish 

                       Jim treats other people as his father treated him.

Также мы используем as, когда говорим о профессии человека, а также о функции или роли человека или предмета.

             e.g. My mom works as an accountant.

                     I used these ribbons as decorations for my dress.

При перечислении стоит избегать like и вместо него использовать such as.

              e.g.  We’ve visited lots of interesting countries such as Spain, China and Brazil.

As if и as though также могут быть использованы для сравнений.

           e.g. He spends money as if he were a millionaire.

                   He talks as though he knows everything


   Exercise 1

 Choose the correct word.

1)      I’ve arrived to the party as/like we agreed.

2)      She hopes to qualify as/like an accountant.

3)      She dances as/like a goddess.

4)      I’ve brought you money as/like you asked.

5)      My mom looks as/like Madonna.

6)      What does your boyfriend do? – He works as/like a policeman.

7)      In that shop you can get all kinds of things as/such as/like clothes, watches, jewellery.




Answers:,,,,,, 7.such as.




   Exercise 2.

Complete with the correct word.

1)      Don’t look at me … that.

2)      I did everything exactly … my teacher had told me.

3)      What’s the matter? You are behaving …. a child.

4)      I’ve brought all necessary things …. nails, hammers, tools.

5)      Kris works …. a manager now but before he was a shop assistant.

6)      The date was … a dream.

7)      …. I said yesterday, we’re not going to discuss it any more.




Answers:,,, 4.such as,,,




   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Like                Todd                his                     grandfather               looks

2)      Be               I’d              Maria              Like             love               to               blond

3)      Have                   know                   as                     I                children              two          you

4)      Do                 this                you                  like            mustn’t

5)      An              works                   as                     Bred               au-pair

6)      We                team                  our               expected             as          lost

7)      You                   heights                    me                  of                 are              afraid                like?




Answers: 1. Todd looks like his grandfather. 2. I’d love to be blond like Maria. 3. As you know, I have two children. 4. You mustn’t do like this. 5. Bred works as an au-pair. 6. Our team lost as we expected. 7. Are you afraid of heights like me?