should - shouldn't

Should -  это модальный глагол, который переводится «должен», «следует», «стоит».

Глагол should обычно используется, когда мы хотим дать кому-нибудь совет. Should + infinitiveесли мы считаем, что это делать нужно. Shouldnt  + infinitive – если что-то делать не следует.

e.g. You should invite me to the party.


Глагол should также используется, когда мы сожалеем, что не сделали что-то в прошлом. В данном случае мы используем should + have + Past Participle.

e.g. I should have begun my project earlier.

  • Should может переводиться как "должен", но это долженствование гораздо мягче, чем в must.


+Should + infinitive

e.g. You should take an umbrella with you.      

       She should wear that dress.

-Shouldn’t + infinitive

e.g. You shouldn’t sell your house.      

      She shouldn’t wear trousers.

?Should + I/you/we/they/he/she/it + infinitive?

e.g. Should we start from here? - Yes, we should/ No, we          



   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1.       It’s hot. You should/shouldn’t wear your sunhat.

2.       They should do/should to do their exercises twice a week.

3.       I think you should/shouldn’t be so aggressive.

4.       She should/shoulds drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

5.       I don’t think you should speak/speak should about that. It must be a secret.

6.       The students should/shouldn’t cheat at the exam.

7.       I believe you should/shouldn’t revise more or you won’t pass your tests.




Answers: 1.should, 2.should do, 3.shouldn’t, 4.should, 5.should speak, 6.shouldn’t, 7.should.





   Exercise 2.

Put the words in the correct order.

1.       Shouldn’t                 drive                the             city              people             fast            in

2.       You               be             more             I               careful              think                should

3.       Behave                they                like              shouldn’t                that

4.       Buy              Anny              some                 for              and              should              our           Tom       party          fruit

5.       Do               his            What           to            attention            I             should              attract?

6.       Be                     well-behaved                  children               polite              and            should

7.       Clean                  the                 week                who               this              should         house           this?




Answers: 1. People shouldn’t drive fast in the city. 2. I think you should be more careful. 3.They shouldn’t behave like that. 4. Tom and Anny should buy some fruit for our party.5. What should I do to attract his attention? 6. Children should be polite and well-behaved. 7. Who should clean the house this week?





   Exercise 3.

Match the sentence halves.

1)      I’ve got a toothache.                                                     A) You should go on holiday.

2)      This dress is too small for me.                                       B) You shouldn’t eat so many sweets.

3)      I want to lose weight.                                                    C) It’s really cold outside.

4)      You should drive more slowly.                                       D) I think you should give up smoking.

5)      You should wear a coat.                                                E) You should go to the dentist.

6)      I’m very stressed.                                                         F) You may have a car accident.

7)      I cough a lot every morning.                                          G) You should take it back to the shop.







Answers: 1 – e, 2 – g, 3 – b, 4 – f, 5 – c, 6 – a, 7 – d.

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