Will(wont)+infinitiveформа выражения будущего времени. Глагол will не меняется по лицам и числам.


1)      Для предсказаний.

   e.g. I think it will rain tomorrow.

2)      Для обещаний.

   e.g. I will never forget you.

3)      Для предложений

   e.g.  I’ll help you with your bags.

4)      Для сиюминутных решений.

   e.g. If you want some water I'll go and get some.


  • В вопросительных предложениях, когда мы что-то предлагаем, используется shall.

e.g. Shall I open the window?

  • Когда мы говорим о предсказаниях, то вместе с will мы можем использовать фразы think/donthink.

e.g. I think they will win the game.

       I don’t think they will win the game.

  • Будущая форма there is/are – there will be

e.g. There will be a good film on at 9 o’clock.

  • Будущая форма can – will be able to

e.g. They will be able to swim in a year.


   Exercise 1.

Make the sentences with will/won’t.

1)      I think he…become the champion this year(+)

2)      They ….. divorce in three month, you will see.(+)

3)      He … buy cigarettes any more. He promised.(-)

4)      There …. be some exciting shows at the festival.(+)

5)      I don’t think you … be able to attract his attention.(+)

6)      I …. be late, I promise.(-)

7)      Don’t worry. I … call you any more.(-)





Answers: 1.will, 2.will, 3.won’t, 4.will, 5.will, 6.won’t, 7.won’t.





   Exercise 2.

Choose the correct word.

1)      If you eat too much you will/won’t put on weight.

2)      Your mom will/won’t be very happy when she sees your bruise.

3)      Take this medicine and you will/won’t feel better in an hour.

4)      I think you will/won’t get on time because of bad traffic.

5)      We’ve run out of coffee. – I will/won’t go and buy some more.

6)      Do you think it will snow/snows?

7)      I will/won’t drive too fast, I promise.





Answers: 1.will, 2.won’t, 3.will, 4.won’t, 5.will, 6.will snow, 7.won’t





   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Busy                 the               at                  will             airport          Christmas          be

2)      Cold                my                 if                you                 you’re                I’ll           coat              lend

3)      Will                for                 get                I                you               star             the

4)      Grow up                become                I’ll                actress             when              an           I

5)      There               sure                 I’ll                great              a            I’m           have            time

6)      Tomorrow                I’ll               the               pay                morning               in             back            you

7)      Have                steak                I’ll                 the               and             a             soup







Answers: 1. The airport will be busy at Christmas. 2. If you’re cold, I’ll lend you my coat. 3. I will get the star for you. 4. When I grow up I’ll become an actress. 5. I’m sure I’ll have a great time there. 6. I’ll pay you back tomorrow in the morning. 7. I’ll have the soup and a steak.

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