Quantifiers – определители количества в английском языке. К ним относятся some, a little, all enough, etc.

Они используются:

С исчисляемыми существительнымиС неисчисляемыми существительнымиС исчисляемыми и с неисчисляемыми.




(a) few




A couple of

Hundreds of

Thousands of 

a little (not) much

A bit of

A great deal of

A good deal of







none of

a lot of (lots of)


plenty of

a load of (loads of)

tons of


  • После quantifier мы можем использовать существительное, если говорим о членах этой группы в общем:

                  e.g. Few women have children.

 Но если мы говорим о какой-то определенной части группы, то мы должны использовать  ofthe после quantifier.    

                  e.g. Few of the women are dangerous.

  • Если мы говорим о двух людях или предметах, то мы используем both, either, neither.

                  e.g. Neither of them came.

                          Both presents are fantastic.

  • Few (very few) и little (very little) используются, когда мы хотим показать, что нам недостаточно того количества, которое есть, нам мало.

e.g. Ivegotveryfewfriends. – У меня очень мало друзей.

        She'sgotlittletime. – У нее мало времени.

few и little используются, когда мы хотим показать, что у нас есть определенное количество чего-то. little и few являются синонимами слова some.

e.g. Ivegotafewfriends. – У меня есть несколько друзей.

        She'sgotalittletime. – У нее есть немного времени.


   Exercise 1.

Choose the correct word.

1)      We’ve had little/lots of things to do recently.

2)      Have you visited any/a bit of tropical islands?

3)      They know a little/a few French.

4)      I think a great many/a great deal of my dresses will be bought.

5)      There aren´t much / many vegetarians in my office.

6)      Today we’ve got plenty/couple of time to do everything we want.

7)      Several/each of them were sent to prison.




Answers: 1.lots of, 2.any, 3.a little, 4.a great deal, 5.many, 6.plenty, 7.several.




   Exercise 2.

Complete with little, few, a little, a few.

1)      Hurry up, there’s ….. time left.

2)      It rained …. times this summer. The grass is already brown.

3)      After testing …. bikes, I couldn’t still make a choice.

4)       We have a little coffee left. I’ll share with you.

5)      He gave me …. big tomatoes and I made a wonderful salad.

6)      My great-grandmother had …. education and she couldn’t write very well but despite of it she was a really wise woman.

7)      There are … eggs left so go and buy some more.




Answers: 1.little, 2.few, 3.a few, 4.a little, 5.a few, 6.little, 7.few.





   Exercise 3.

Put the words in the correct order.

1)      Have                       help                   don’t                   enough                   we              time              you                   to

2)      Are                 plenty                 in                    there                library            of               the             books

3)       we                    couple              days              ago                 met                    a               of

4)      Of                     open                     bottle                        neither                        us                     could              that

5)      Visit                        art galleries                        nowadays                   fewer                     people

6)      Save                     money                   presents                  to                  I             for                 Christmas         want                  some

7)      Run                     our                   we                all                suitcases                     had              with             to



Answers:1. We don’t have enough time to help you. 2. There are plenty of books in the library. 3. We met a couple of days ago. 4. Neither of us could open that bottle. 5. Fewer people visit art galleries nowadays. 6. I want to save some money for Christmas presents. 7. We had to run with all our suitcases.

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