To give it a shot



Hello-hello! I’m gonna tell you about a very cool idiom today! GIVE IT A SHOT! 

‘Give it a shot’ means to try something, to try to do something.

For example, -‘I’m so scared! – ‘Come on! Give it a shot! At least try.’

Another example is – ‘I have always dreamed about having my own company. – So what’s wrong? – I’m scared. – Come on! Give it a shot. Maybe it will be very successful.’

‘But people tell me you’re not right for me

And all the other girls’d be thinking what I think

Maybe I should just give up

But I’ll give it a shot’

That’s all! Bye-bye!


Complete the gaps with the correct form of ‘To give it a shot’


  1. One year ago I decided to start my own business, but a little later I started having second thoughts about it. Then my wise friends suggested me ____________________. So now I’m very happy I managed to do this.
  2. – I was almost sure nothing would work. – And then what? – And then I ____________________ and as you can see it was a good decision.
  3. –What to do? I have this offer from a local firm and one more offer from a huge Moscow company. – If I were you, I ____________________ and move to Moscow.
  4. I’m so shy and introvert. I ____________________ in my life!
  5. – So what are you going to decide? – I don’t know yet. If I have good mood tomorrow, I ____________________! But if I don’t, I guess I ____________________.




  1. Do you think it’s better to be the kind of person who likes taking risks or who never gives anything a shot?
  2. Imagine the situation when you have to make a decision very fast. How would you act?

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