Для усиления прилагательных мы используем такие слова как very, really и extremely.

e.g. She is a very beautiful girl.

Какой артикль мне использовать – a, an или the? Этот вопрос волнует очень многих студентов.

- Hi there.
- Hi.

DM: I’m Donal MacIntyre. I’m about to follow water’s journey around the planet. This is Wild Weather. I’m going to start my journey with water in the wettest place in Western Europe: Bergen, city of rain on Norway’s western coast.

N: This is Martine and Jamie. Martine really likes shopping. But Jamie doesn’t like shopping. Martine buys a jacket, a skirt and two pairs of jeans. Jamie buys a T-shirt.

Oh great, another email from Anna in England. Let’s see, what does she say?
Hi Maria

- I’m great, thank you. I’m actually going on a trip next month.
- Oh, that’s great. Where are you travelling?

Ian Wright is a school teacher. He teaches Science at a school in Sussex in the south of England. He teaches five days a week and he likes his job. But in his free time Ian has another job. He’s a train driver.

We’re going to show you how to make a typical Spanish breakfast. To make this wonderful Spanish experience you will need freshly squeezed orange juice and café con leche or half coffee and half warm milk.

- Wow. Is that your family?
- Yeah. It's big


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