This is the River Thames. A great place to bring your dog for some exercise. There are lots of parks in Britain where to take dogs. Cats are actually the number one pet followed by dogs, budgies and goldfish.

– So, what time do you wake up?
– I wake up at eight-thirty, usually.














Conflicts can be avoided in a lot of ways. One, is when I talk about rules. Not just forgetting the fact that you are on neutral ground - my parents, for example, would have different rules with my kids than I would have.

They call me the wild rose
But my name was Elisa Day

This is a dream. You can control the dream at any time. Imagine you’re in a deep sleep and a virtual voice tell you what to dream. “This is using social media to drive the whole experiment”.

Hey guys. My name’s Miles. Recently I’ve got back from holiday. And while I was there it occurred to me that there were certain things that people do whilst on holiday that they don’t normally do at home.

A: This is Steve Magee, an IT technician. His main interests are football, going out to clubs and bars, and watching sport on TV. He isn’t very interested in the way he looks. Steve wants to change two things in his life.

You are an individual. But you are also a member of a global community. Most important of all, you are a consumer. As a member of this community, it is your duty to consume. Why?

V: Tanya Streeter is a world famous diver but she’s afraid of sharks. So she decides to go for … shark therapy.

This is called to the school run when parents bring their kids to school. Others arrive by bus or special coach. School normally starts at nine in the UK so there’s sometimes time for a game of football before the bell rings.


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