V: Tanya Streeter is a world famous diver but she’s afraid of sharks. So she decides to go for … shark therapy.

This is called to the school run when parents bring their kids to school. Others arrive by bus or special coach. School normally starts at nine in the UK so there’s sometimes time for a game of football before the bell rings.

Dismissed from drama school with a note that read, "Wasting your time". She's too shy to put her best foot forward.

Grant Cardone: I can’t wait for the weekend, oh man, I can’t wait for the weekend, Oh’ my gosh I can’t wait for next weekend. What they are saying is this, “I am not productive, I hate my job, I waste your money, okay.

Britain has often led the world in transport design, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. On the 8th May 1959, the first Mini car rolled off the production line of the British Motor Corporation’s factory in Birmingham, England.

At East Side Community High School in New York City, a one-of-a-kind skateboarding class has been established for students to learn a sport.

Miles Dombrovski feels like he gets the rest he needs. "If I feel like I'm going to be fine, I can just go to bed at midnight and I can be OK for the next day." But like many college students, Dombrovski's midnight bed time, might not be enough...

Here’s a story of how new stories are created. The editor selects the items and photographs. These come from the newspaper’s own reporters and photographers and from freelance journalists.

There are plenty of proven ways to improve your sleep, and most of them are pretty simple. You will need: A cool room, Warm feet, a Good mattress, a Dark room, a Book or a Magazine, a Sleep doctor.

How do you know if you're a psychic? Well, I suppose the very simple answer is you know if you are or not. But let me be a little bit more specific.


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